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Why you'll love Ala Nani?


Ala Nani is all about local artisan bathe and self-love products.

I created Ala Nani together with my sister Mary, the talented hands behind all the artisan soaps, and the vision to make self-love products extra and remembered. Growing up, people always emphasize that there is beauty is minimalism but I know to myself that there is also beauty in being extra. 


And from being extra, you stand out, and when you stand out, you'll be remembered; and that's what we aim for, to make you remember our products through its quality, designs, and scents. 

Ala Nani creates extra-ordinary body, bathe, and room products; from soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and room sprays, we want you to feel & take those extra precious time all to yourself and share it with your loved ones even.

Scents that you'll love, with love.
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