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As in many other nations, the manufacturing of perfume in the Philippines is a multi-step process that requires a comprehensive understanding of the science and art of perfumery. 


Ala Nani is a Filipino brand of personal-care and home-care products which focuses on the artistry & psychology of scent and fragrance. Our mission is to innovate and create scents for modern day men, women, and home.


Ala Nani’s vision is to empower and make people remember. We believe that people use perfumes and fragrances to enhance their personal appearance and to make statements about their style and about who they are. Ala Nani believes that fragrances can evoke emotions, memories, and change the desire of atmosphere. 


Backed by this vision, we are committed to consciously creating fragrances and scents that are unique, inexpensive, and your go-to alternative to luxury perfume brands.

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